Engagement on our Strategy and Regulatory Principles

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Closes 31 Aug 2022


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6. Do you wish to be updated on future iterations of the CAA Strategy?
7. As a regulator, the CAA takes a range of decisions that have an impact on stakeholders, consumers and the public. We want to continually improve and ensure we are drawing on a wide range of insights and feedback to inform decisions. How might you be impacted by this Strategy?
8. We want to constantly look outwards and challenge ourselves to prepare for sectoral and technological innovation and new challenges. We will update our agile Strategy as required, such as when we need to respond to external change or opportunity, or when our strategic work programme progresses or when it is necessary to rearticulate our strategic direction. Your response could help shape future iterations. What other issues, concerns or opportunities should we consider in future iterations of this Strategy?
9. The aim of the regulatory principles is to guide how we regulate to help deliver high standards of safety, security and consumer protection. To what extent do you consider these regulatory principles will contribute to this aim? Please illustrate with examples based on your experience in dealing with us.

Read about our regulatory principles

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