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We asked

We asked for views on our Initial Proposals for the Heathrow Airport Limited's (HAL) H7 price control review including:

  • matters relating to airport charges for 2022 and the introduction of the holding cap discussed above; and
  • wider issues relating to our Initial Proposals for HAL’s H7 price control and the associated incentive arrangements.

You said

We had 20 responses to this consultation which we have published on our website.

We did

We published CAP2305 which gives notice under section 22(6) of the Civil Aviation Act 2012 (CAA12) of our decision to modify Heathrow Airport Limited's Licence granted under section 15 CAA12. 

We also set out the details of the licence modification on our website: Economic licensing of Heathrow Airport | UK Civil Aviation Authority

We asked

It is vital that CAP1724 Flying Display Authorisation Standards Document remains up-to-date and relevant, and that the CAA’s guidance material in this area remains proportionate, clear and unambiguous.

We asked for feedback from the regulated community on proposed amendments to CAP 1724 ahead of the 2021 display season. 

We compiled a draft of CAP 1724 Edition 3 and consulted on it from 15 January 2021 until 12 February 2021.

You said

We received a total of 35 unique comments to the draft CAP from 10 respondents. Of all the comments, 27 clearly conveyed some sort of change. Of these, 19 comments were textual in nature, suggesting revised wording or highlighting minor drafting points. Many of these comments were duplicated between respondents. Of the remaining eight comments, two were more substantive, calling for some sort of change of the underlying policy, five were non-specific and did not suggest any change and 1 offered no comment other than that the respondent had reviewed all of the changes.

We did

We accepted 11 of the all the comments received (41%). 

Of the 19 textual comments, we accepted 10. Most of these comprised rewording content for clarification, and we have tried to take a balanced view on what would be helpful. Several respondents requested changes to text that the majority of readers indicated as satisfactory. Some called for revision to text that we had carefully drafted in cooperation with various DAE’s while the remainder suggested changes that have already been made.

Regarding the two substantive comments we received, we implemented one. The one substantive comment we elected not to implement was due to its potential to have unintended consequences.

We have produced a final version of CAP 1724 Edition 3 which was published on 11 March 2021

We asked

We asked for comments on our proposals for revisions to the existing CAA Charges Schemes, due to take effect from 1 April 2021.

The key changes under consultation were:

  • EU exit 
  • Market Power Determination (MPD)
  • Safeguarding Competition in Air Transport 
  • Space 

You said

A total number of 48 respondents provided 48 submissions through the consultation exercise.

We did

We are grateful for those submissions received and after CAA Board discussion, we propose to implement the proposals in the consultation without further amendment, with the exception of the Design Organisation Approval transition fee.

Full details have been publised in our response document: FY21/22 CAA Statutory Charges Consultation Response