Engagement on our Strategy and Regulatory Principles

Closes 31 Mar 2022

Opened 7 Jun 2021


The CAA Strategy is available to read or download from this page. It sets out our mission, vision and purpose, as well as providing an overview of how we intend to achieve them.

Our Strategy is agile; it provides the foundations to continue to successfully deliver our core regulatory roles, as well as position ourselves to tackle new challenges and opportunities, such as enabling recovery from Covid-19 and improving environmental performance.  It will also give us the flexibility required to respond to unforeseen shocks or seize new opportunities to deliver on our vision.  

Our Strategy will be delivered through our annual business planning process. It is designed to be both ‘always on’ and open to change as and when required, and therefore does not have a time period attached to it. We will update it when needed, such as when our work programmes on strategic focus areas develop, or when we think it is time to refresh our strategic direction.

Alongside the Strategy, we have articulated a set of five regulatory principles that underpin our approach to regulation.  These are a set of principles we are guided by  when carrying out our work to improve aviation and aerospace for consumers and the public.  

As well as changing the nature of our Strategy, we are changing the way we engage on it too, to ensure we can regularly hear from those who care about our work; our new online form means stakeholders and the public can share their views on what should be in future iterations of this Strategy at their convenience, and we can analyse and draw on trends in the responses in real time to inform our work and future iterations of the Strategy.

This online form will always be available – once we reach the end of the current period it is technically limited to being open for (31  Dec 2021) we will re-open it to ensure we can always hear from you.

We look forward to our Strategy being strengthened through your insights.

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