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  • Deviation UK.DEV.E.0002 (Fuel Feed Icing) Consultation: CS-25 Large Aeroplanes

    The UK CAA is consulting on a deviation request that is applicable to CS-25 Large Aeroplanes. This particular deviation is to address a non-compliance with the affected CS 25.951(c) at Amdt. 23, CS 25.952(a) at Amdt. 23, CS 25J951(c) at Amdt. 23 and CS 25J952(a) at Amdt. 23, and to ensure defined mitigating factors are met. Consultation Paper Deviation UK.DEV.E.0002 provides the full detail of the identified issue, the Statement of Deviation and the mitigating factors. More
    Closes 4 July 2024
  • Skyrora launch operator Assessment of Environmental Effects

    To carry out spaceflight activity in the UK spaceport and launch operators must be licensed by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. As part of their licence application, spaceport and launch operators are required to submit an Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE). The purpose of the AEE is to ensure applicants have adequately considered any potential environmental effects of their intended activities and, if necessary have taken steps to avoid, mitigate or offset the risks and... More
    Closes 9 July 2024
  • Proposed amendment to the Manchester Low Level Route (MLLR)

    The UK Civil Aviation Authority is seeking your views on its proposed amendment to the Manchester Low Level Route (MLLR). The MLLR, currently designated as Class D controlled airspace, benefits from a temporary exemption permitting aircraft to fly through it under specific conditions. This exemption, crucial for MLLR operations, was due to expire on 31st May 2024. Our comprehensive review, incorporating stakeholder input and safety data analysis, has identified safety... More
    Closes 15 July 2024
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