Proposed Criteria for Assessing and Accepting the Airspace Change Masterplan

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Closes 27 May 2020


1. Are you responding in an official capacity on behalf of an organisation?
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8. CAP 1887 details the proposed criteria to be used to inform whether to accept the Airspace Change Masterplan, which is being created by the Airspace Change Organising Group (ACOG), an impartial team in NERL. Do you have any general comments you would like to share on the proposed criteria for assessing and accepting the Airspace Change Masterplan?
9. Are the proposed criteria detailed in CAP 1887 the right criteria to enable acceptance?
Please explain your answer and provide any other general comments
10. Chapter 3 of CAP 1887 details the policy considerations that are relevant to the Airspace Change Masterplan. Are there examples of where further policy may be required to guide trade-off decisions?
If yes, please be specific preferably with a local example
11. Chapter 4 of CAP 1887 details the engagement expectations for the Airspace Change Organising Group (ACOG) to undertake. Do you have any comments on the engagement we are asking ACOG to undertake?