UK Civil Aviation Authority launches consultation on proposed changes to CAP 553 (BCAR Section A, A3-7 and A8-26)

Closed 27 May 2021

Opened 1 Apr 2021


The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has today published a consultation on proposed changes to the following chapters of CAP 553 (BCAR Section A):

  • Chapter A3-7: Permit to Fly Aircraft – Initial and Continuing Airworthiness
  • Chapter A8-26. Approval of Organisations Supporting Recreational Aviation


Why your views matter

The changes to Chapter A3-7 have been made largely to reflect the introduction of the new privileges in A8-26. There have also been minor updates to reflect the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and EASA.

The consultation document lists paragraphs 1 – 18 of the Chapter A3-7, as amended and currently published in CAP 553, Section A.

Chapter A8-26 sees further increased delegated authority to approved organisations through new oversight privileges as well as the ability to issue a National Permit to Fly. Other significant changes include the introduction of risk management and occurrence reporting as well as new requirements for personnel and Authorised Staff. A number of editorial changes have also been made to improve and simplify the wording.

The amendments were applied to all paragraphs of the Chapter A8-26 and therefore the consultation document lists the entire Chapter, as currently published in CAP 553, Section A.

We are inviting stakeholders to comment on the proposed amendments to CAP 553 (BCAR Section A, A3-7 and A8-26).

Please send us your comments by email stating the paragraph reference and suggested change/comment. It would be helpful if you are able to share in your response, if you are repsonding as an individual or on behalf of an organisation.

The deadline for providing comments is 27 May 2021. We cannot commit to take into account representations received after this date.







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