CAP 1724 Flying Display Standards: Edition 5 Consultation 2023

Closed 10 Mar 2023

Opened 13 Feb 2023

Feedback updated 6 Apr 2023

We asked

We asked for feedback from the regulated community on proposed amendments to CAP 1724 ahead of the 2023 display season. 

We compiled a draft of CAP 1724 Edition 5 and consulted on it over four working weeks from 13 February 2023 to 10 March 2023. 

You said

We received a total of 20 unique comments to the draft CAP 1724 from nine respondents.  

Of all the comments, fourteen clearly conveyed some sort of change. Of these, eleven comments were textual in nature, suggesting revised wording or highlighting minor drafting points. Some of these comments were duplicated between respondents; and the other three comments were more substantive, suggesting changes of the underlying policy. 

We did

We accepted four of all the comments suggesting some sort of change (29%). 

Of the eleven textual comments received, we accepted four. Most of these comprised of rewording content for clarification, and we have tried to take a balanced view on what would be helpful. Of the seven we elected not to implement, five called for revisions to the text that we had carefully drafted in cooperation with other organisations, one suggested changes that have already been made, and it was considered that the remaining suggestion would not contribute to the document.

Regarding the three more substantive comments we received, none were implemented. Two of these reflected on material that we thought was covered adequately either in this document or elsewhere. The remaining comment suggested a change to existing text that had been written after extensive consultation with the community.

We have published a final version of CAP 1724 Edition 5 which was published on 6 April 2023. 


This consultation set out the proposed amendments to the next edition of CAP 1724: Flying Display Pilot Authorisation and Evaluation: Requirements and Guidance (Edition 5), which are planned to be effective from the start of April 2023.

Why your views matter

It is vital that CAP 1724 is up-to-date and relevant to allow the display industry to prosper whilst maintaining public safety at all times. Feedback from the regulated community is crucial in supporting this.

In addition, this feedback will assist in ensuring that the regulations governing the gaining, maintenance and evaluation of Display Authorisations are proportionate, clear and unambiguous.

This consultation period allows the regulated community to provide feedback on ahead of the forthcoming 2023 Display Season.

How to respond

We welcome views on this draft of CAP 1724 for consultation, please note that the proposed changes from the previous edition are underlined in red for easy reference.

The proposed signicant changes have been highlighted in this separate document: CAP 1724 Edition 5 2023 significant changes

Please send us your comments online using the link below by 10 March 2023.

Alternatively email stating the paragraph reference and suggested change/comment.


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