Core elements of the regulatory framework to support capacity expansion at Heathrow

Closed 22 Sep 2017

Opened 30 Jun 2017

Results updated 15 Nov 2017

Responses can be viewed on the Heathrow price control review H7 page on our website, under 'Consultation on core elements of the regulatory framework (June 2017)'.


This follows on from our January 2017 consultation on the priorities and timetable for our programme of work on the economic regulation of new capacity at Heathrow. It confirms our priorities and seeks views on our latest thinking on the development of core elements of the regulatory framework for Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL). These core elements also build on our discussion document on Strategic Themes for the review of HAL's charges ("H7"). This consultation also updates our thinking on the timetable issues discussed in our Guidance for HAL in preparing its business plans for the H7 price control review.

We welcome views on all the issues raised in the consultation document and, in particular, the issues set out in the Executive Summary and discussed in more detail in Chapters 2-7.


  • Residents affected by aviation
  • Organisations affected by aviation
  • Commercial airlines
  • Airport operators
  • Industry representative bodies


  • Economic regulation
  • Economic regulation