CAA priorities and timetable for economic regulation of the new runway at Heathrow Airport

Closed 14 Mar 2017

Opened 31 Jan 2017

Results updated 23 Jun 2017

Responses to this consultation have been published on our website.


This sets out for consultation our priority issues and timetable for the development of the regulatory framework for the new runway (and the associated new terminal capacity) at Heathrow airport.

See the full consultation document.

We will publish a further consultation on these matters in June 2017. We will also report on a quarterly basis to the Secretary of State on Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL’s) engagement with airlines on the development of the preferred option for the new capacity, with a final report due in November 2017.

The focus of this document is the regulatory treatment of the costs and financing of the construction programme – what we have called ‘Category C’ costs. We have previously consulted on the costs that HAL will incur in obtaining planning permission (‘Category B’ costs).

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Why your views matter

We are seeking comments on any aspect of the issues discussed in this paper and in particular:

  • whether our four key priorities are the right priorities for us to adopt in developing the regulatory framework for the new capacity at Heathrow;
  • whether the key themes under each of the priority issues, as areas of focus for our work on developing the regulatory framework during 2017, are appropriate; and
  • any gaps in the priority issues or key themes and any more detailed points that stakeholders want to make at this initial stage.


  • Commercial airlines
  • Airport operators


  • Economic regulation
  • Capacity