Assessing the impacts of the options for ATOL reform: Request for further information

Closed 31 Mar 2023

Opened 24 Jan 2023


ATOL Reform: assessing the impacts of the options for reform updates stakeholders on the progress to date, on amendments to the scope of the ATOL reform programme as requested by the Government via the Trustees of the Air Travel Trust, and on the timetable moving forward.

This document also explains the CAA’s overall approach to appraising the options for reform set out in the first stage of the consultation and seeks stakeholders’ views on this and on the options being considered.

Why your views matter

Taking into account the responses received to date we are now seeking further information to ensure that:

  • we have identified and fully understood the range and magnitude of the impacts of each option on different stakeholders; and
  • the methodology and information used to determine the magnitude of the identified impacts is robust and that our approach to making a qualitative assessment is reasonable and objectively justifiable. 

The information you provide will help finalise the options appraisal process.

How to respond

Some questions include references to specific paragraphs in the document.

This call for further information will close on 31 March 2023.

We will assume that all responses can be published once the consultation has closed. There is an option to request for your name to remain private, but in any event your email address will never be published.


  • Tour operators
  • Travel agents


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