ATOL Reform

Closed 16 Aug 2021

Opened 29 Apr 2021


This consultation seeks stakeholders’ views on the CAA’s intention to introduce changes to ATOL.  The main changes relate to how ATOL holders fund their operations and how the use of their customers’ monies should be considered within the regulatory regime.  

The consultation document discusses the issues and invites comments on how the regulatory regime might change, but the CAA’s expectation is that any proposals for material change would be subject to a further round of consultation.  

The document also makes specific proposals in respect of:

i) a changed treatment of mandatory terms to be included in written agreements between ATOL holders and their agents,


ii) changes to the way in which SBA and certain franchisee ATOL holders report and pay their APC returns. The CAA will consider whether to introduce change in these two areas after considering responses to this consultation document only.

You can read our consultation document below or download a copy using the link at the bottom of this page.

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