Policy for ADR applicants and approved ADR entities

Closes 25 Sep 2020

Opened 17 Jul 2020


Since the most recent revision to 'CAP1324 - Policy for ADR applicants and approved ADR entities' in February 2019, we have been in discussions with stakeholders on further potential enhancements to our ADR policy, both to make ADR work better for consumers and to encourage airlines that do not currently participate in ADR to consider the merits of the schemes that are offered by the two CAA-approved ADR bodies (namely CEDR and AviationADR).

Why We Are Consulting

Whenever considering amendments to our ADR policy, we will usually consult both CEDR and AviationADR as the relevant regulated entities. We would not typically consult airlines or airports as they are not the regulated entities in this situation, but rather they are contracting (or potentially contracting) parties.

However, given the interest expressed by a number of airlines in the proposed changes, in this case we have decided to extend the consultation to include airlines and airports.

How to Respond

You are invited to respond to the CAA’s consultation on its proposed revisions to CAP1324 (and the related document 'CAA draft list of issues which it does not consider to be complex or novel').

If you would like to respond to this consultation, please send your response to consumerenforcement@caa.co.uk by 5pm on Friday 25 September.


  • Commercial airlines
  • Airport operators
  • Regulatory bodies


  • Consumer protection