Airspace classification draft findings on Cotswold Region

Closed 27 Mar 2022

Opened 31 Jan 2022

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The UK Civil Aviation Authority has produced a report containing its draft findings of its review into the Cotswold Region. The report contains the initial plan of volumes to take forward to the amend phase on which we are now seeking your views.  

We decided in April 2021 to adopt a regional approach to our airspace classification review procedure to enable a more considered analysis of current usage. The Cotswold Region (an area based around the Cotswold Altimeter Setting Region) was the first area chosen to review under this new procedure. 

Our report sets out a comprehensive picture of our findings to date into the airspace usage within this region, informed by our engagement with stakeholders. This includes an overview of the different airspace control authorities operating within the region, such as commercial airports, regional airfields and military, as well as the type and scale of aviation activity by the broad range of user groups and an overview of existing airspace change activity in the region.  

The report contains the initial plan of volumes which we propose to take forward to the amend stage of this procedure, including an overview of how we have identified these volumes and the rationale for any volumes proposed which are not being taken forward to the amend phase. 

The report also sets out our more generic findings and associated recommendations relating to airspace classification and usage in the Cotswold Region focussed around a theme of pilot and controller education, which may have a broader application to UK airspace and which, if adopted, may lead to a more efficient use of airspace across the UK. 

Why we are asking for feedback

We would like your feedback on our findings within our report and on the volumes proposed as part of our Initial Plan.  We want to ensure we haven’t missed, misunderstood or misinterpreted any of the feedback given. 

This information will be used to inform our final report into the Cotswold Region and which will contain the Final Plan of airspace volumes we take forward to the amend stage of the procedure, as well as our approach to our other recommendations. 

Please note we are looking for feedback on the rationale used in deciding on the volumes contained within the Initial Plan and our other recommendations.  We are not looking for views on the merits of the policy itself, which is a matter for the Government. Nor are we inviting further suggestions for volumes of airspace, or regions to investigate at this time. 

What happens next

Your views will be considered as part of the finalising our plan of volumes to be taken forward to the Amend stage of the process, and ultimately may influence any volume proposed for amendment.


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