VTOL using battery for propulsion

Closed 9 Feb 2024

Opened 8 Jan 2024


This document presents UK Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) position on battery handling rules for VTOL aircraft using battery for propulsion. It highlights the overall approach to battery handling for VTOL aircraft and is directed at operators of battery or hybrid powered VTOL aircraft, operations performed using battery powered aircraft, and aerodrome operators servicing such VTOL aircraft.

Responses are requested by 9th February 2024 . 

What happens next

An overview of our proposal, stakeholder comments and resulting CAA actions will be posted in the Advanced Air Mobility challenge section of the CAA’s website.


  • Airport operators
  • Ground handling providers
  • RFFS Training Providers
  • Government departments
  • Regulatory bodies
  • International Civil Aviation Organization


  • Rescue and fire fighting