Type-Certification of VTOL Aircraft

Closed 20 Nov 2023

Opened 16 Oct 2023


The CAA welcomes the continued efforts by the aviation industry to deliver new and innovative products to the market. As part of its efforts to support the industry, the CAA is giving an indication of its policy thinking regarding the operation of VTOL aircraft. 

The CAA is using existing legislation for the regulation of VTOL operations to the greatest extent possible, as we appreciate that our collective understanding of the new technology will grow as designs mature and operations commence. This understanding will inform the CAA’s ongoing work of amending existing legislation to better enable deployment of new aviation technologies such as VTOL operations.

This CAA policy statement aims at highlighting the overall approach to type-certification for VTOL aircraft.

The deadline for responses has been extended and they are requested by 20 November 2023.

What happens next

An overview of our proposal, stakeholder comments and resulting CAA actions will be posted in the Advanced Air Mobility challenge section of the CAA’s website.


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  • Government departments
  • Regulatory bodies
  • International Civil Aviation Organization


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