Continuing Airworthiness of VTOL Aircraft

Closed 20 Nov 2023

Opened 16 Oct 2023

Feedback updated 19 Feb 2024

We asked

We asked for feedback on the CAA’s position on the continued airworthiness regulatory basis applicable to VTOL aircraft.

You said

We received 4 responses in total. One responder left no comment. Three respondents welcomed the approach. One respondent noted that an increase in complex motor-powered aircraft may put more strain on CAA’s resources, therefore adequate funding for regulatory oversight is important.

We did

We acknowledge that respondents were broadly supportive of the approach, but are also aware of the limited number of responses. With regards to funding comments, the CAA reviews its capabilities on an ongoing basis and remains confident it is in a strong position to deliver appropriate oversight.


This document presents UK Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) current view on the regulatory basis for continued airworthiness of VTOL aircraft in the UK. It is to be viewed as interim guidance while we continue to work with stakeholders to enhance our understanding of the technology and how it is to be operated. It enables industry to plan for future operations while detailed rulemaking takes place.

The deadline for responses has been extended and they are requested by 20 November 2023.

What happens next

An overview of our proposal, stakeholder comments and resulting CAA actions will be posted in the Advanced Air Mobility challenge section of the CAA’s website.


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  • International Civil Aviation Organization


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