Airline seating allocations

Closed 2 Mar 2018

Opened 2 Feb 2018


The CAA is interested in your experiences of seating arrangements when you have booked airline tickets as a group. By this we mean flying anywhere (i.e. inside or outside the UK) with more than one person (e.g. with a partner, friends, family, colleagues etc).

Please complete the survey below, to tell us about the flight you took and what happened with your seating arrangements. At the end of the multiple choice questions about your flight, we have invited you to describe what happened in up to 1,000 words.

This survey is a chance for the CAA to gather information about the way airlines allocate seats. Your response will not be treated as a complaint, but we many choose to contact airlines to discuss any issues that occur when we review your response. We will not be responding to you individually.


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  • Consumer protection
  • Disability rights