Conducting paid-for initial pilot training in UK National Permit to Fly Aeroplanes

Closed 17 Feb 2020

Opened 6 Jan 2020


In this consultation document we propose extending paid-for initial pilot training to be conducted using certain aeroplanes which hold a UK national Permit to Fly (PtF).

We are proposing that this training can now be undertaken by those pilots who are not owners of the aircraft. Currently, to undertake initial training in PtF aeroplanes, the student would need to be an owner or part-owner for this to be acceptable.

Why We Are Consulting

The CAA believes this consultation represents a comprehensive yet proportionate set of requirements and, by implementing the safety mitigation proposed by the LAA, provides a sound basis for maintaining appropriate safety standards of airworthiness as well as ensuring that training and testing for pilots is more accessible.

The change could have a positive impact on the flight training sector, including potential cost savings that could encourage greater student up-take.

Consultation document

The consultation document sets out:

  • The current regulations surrounding pilot training
  • The difference between Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA) aeroplanes and National Permit to Fly (PtF) aeroplanes 
  • The potential benefits and risks of this proposal 
  • A comparison of occurrence data comparing the PtF aeroplane fleet with the Certificates of Airworthiness (CofA) fleet, and 
  • The safety mitigations proposed by the Light Aircraft Association (LAA) to provide a comparable level of safety. 

Consultation questions are included in appendix A.

Download: Consultation: Conducting paid-for initial pilot training in UK National Permit to Fly Aeroplanes


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