Proposed changes to the advertising element of the cost sharing regulations

Closed 30 Nov 2023

Opened 2 Nov 2023


We consulted the General Aviation community on our proposed changes to cost sharing regulation in November 2021. These included proposals related to clarifying the costs pilots can legitimately share and measures to ensure pilots make their passengers aware of the increased risk associated with General Aviation flying compared to Commercial Air Transport flights.

Our proposals on advertising of cost sharing flights, which we are now consulting on, have been developed as the result of concerns raised by respondents to the first open public consultation. We published our response to the public consultation in December 2022 which confirmed our position and what changes would be made to the cost sharing regulation. Since then, we have continued to engage with stakeholders whilst we work to finalise our recommendations for legislative change.   

We are now seeking to gain the views of the public on these additional advertising proposals as they represent significant changes to the measures outlined in the initial consultation and subsequent response document.

We are providing the GA community with this additional opportunity to input their views on the advertising of cost sharing flights through this additional consultation before the policy is finalised.

This consultation document concentrates solely on the advertising element of the proposed changes to the cost sharing rules.


  • General Aviation


  • Consumer protection