Pilot Medical Declaration Review

Closed 5 Dec 2022

Opened 24 Oct 2022

Feedback updated 16 Mar 2023

We asked

For responses to the original questions asked in the Pilot Medical Declaration (PMD) consultation from 2015 (CAP1284) as well as whether the implemented PMD system has contributed to flight safety and whether it was proportionate to the risk involved in recreational flying.

We also shared the proposed 3 options from an internal audit review of the PMD process as a whole.

You said

We received 1770 individual responses and 2 responses from organisations.
57% of respondents were PMD holders. We received a clear indication that the majority of respondents felt that the PMD was contributing to flight safety and was proportionate to the risk involved in recreational flying with 91% agreeing.

We received additional comments from 917 individuals with proposed changes to the PMD system including but not limited to, introducing spot checks of PMD submissions, introducing more regular declarations, improving the application form on the portal and also the guidance on our application form and website.

The overwhelming theme, equating to over a third of the individual comments, was regarding the use of a PMD for students to fly solo, in particular, SPL students. 

We did

We have concluded the analysis of all responses received and these will be used to guide the CAA in the way forward for the PMD project. The internal working groups will recommence over the coming months and will propose any changes to the PMD process and internal record management. The CAA will release a formal consultation on any changes to the PMD process towards the end of 2023.


Following the launch of Pilot Medical Declarations (PMD) in October 2016, 14,000 PMDs have been submitted.

A post implementation internal review of the PMD process concluded that the PMD process needed to be examined and potentially amended.

In addition, feedback received from the General Aviation (GA) community from the consultation on UK GA opportunities for change now that the UK has left EASA included a suggested review of the PMD process to enhance user experience and identify opportunities in the context of the simplification and rationalisation of GA flight crew licensing.

Why your views matter

We would welcome your views on the issues that were originally covered in the consultation that led to the development Pilot Medical Declaration process.

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