General Aviation Pilot Licensing Review Phase 2: Aeroplanes

Closed 22 May 2024

Opened 13 Mar 2024


In October 2022, we published CAP2335 (General Aviation Pilot Licensing & Training Simplification – Phase 1: Strategic Direction) as part of a 3 Phase program to simplify training and licensing for the UK’s General Aviation (GA) Sector.

The subsequent GA community response (CAP2532) showed strong support in several key areas for updating our current legislation with regards to Licensing and Training.

This consultation (Phase 2) will explore these key areas in more detail, to ensure that we are working towards the goals of the community whilst maintaining legislative compliance within these areas.

Why your views matter

The outcome of this consultation will help finalise the proposals for the simplification of licensing and training. The final proposals and legal drafting will be developed with the Department for Transport and presented for legislative amendment Spring 2025.


  • General Aviation
  • Training organisations


  • Light aircraft
  • Microlights