Carbon Monoxide in Piston Engine Aircraft

Closed 20 Mar 2024

Opened 21 Feb 2024


The CAA has been actively engaged on the topic of carbon monoxide (CO) in general aviation (GA) over the last three years and has undertaken multiple initiatives to raise GA pilot awareness of CO as well as the various prevention and protection measures that can be taken to mitigate the risk.

Why your views matter

The CAA has developed this consultation to understand stakeholder views regarding: the main challenges pilots face in obtaining an active CO detector, the role that maintenance plays in combatting CO, the importance of protecting passengers from CO, and whether active CO detectors ought to be mandatory for some operations.

The consultation closes on 20 March 2024. We invite stakeholders to give us your views.

What happens next

We will review all the responses received following the closure of this consultation. The results will be published in a Comment Response Document (CRD), which will include a summary of the comments received.


  • General Aviation
  • Training organisations
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  • Regulatory bodies
  • European Aviation Safety Agency
  • National representative organisations or institutes
  • Autogyros


  • Gyroplanes
  • FISO training, qualification and licensing
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