CAP 403 Flying Displays and Special Events: Safety and administrative requirements and guidance 2021

Closed 15 Jan 2021

Opened 15 Dec 2020


This consultation contains the proposed amendments to the next edition of CAP 403, Flying Displays and Special Events: Safety and Administrative Requirements and Guidance, which are planned to be effective from the end of February 2021.

Why we are consulting

It is vital that CAP 403 is up-to-date and relevant to allow the display industry to prosper whilst maintaining public safety at all times. Feedback from the regulated community is crucial in supporting this.

In addition, this feedback will assist in ensuring that the regulations governing Flying Displays and Special Events are proportionate, clear and unambiguous.

This consultation period allows the regulated community to provide feedback on the changes to CAP 403 ahead of the forthcoming 2021 Display Season.

How to respond to this consultation

We welcome views on this consultation editionplease note that the proposed changes from the previous edition are underlined in red for easy reference.

Please send us your comments online using the link below.

Alternatively email stating the paragraph reference and suggested change/comment.


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  • Flying Displays and Events