Consultation on BCAR: Section S - Small Light Aeroplanes

Closes 19 Aug 2022

Opened 8 Jul 2022


This consultation contains the proposed updates to the next edition of CAP 482, British Civil Airworthiness Requirements (BCAR) – Section S – Small Light Aeroplanes. The proposed changes follow on from the 2021 revision of the UK microlight aeroplane definition that incorporated the new 600kg microlight classification into law.

BCAR Section S (Small Light Aeroplanes) is the main certification code for microlight aeroplanes in the UK and specifies the initial airworthiness requirements as well as acceptable means of compliance. The technical requirements in BCAR Section S have been revised to reflect the increased maximum take-off mass and stall speed limits in the new microlight aeroplane definition.

In updating BCAR Section S, the CAA formed a working group that included the British Microlight Aircraft Association and Light Aircraft Association, and also received input from manufacturers and subject matter experts. The proposed updates to BCAR Section S presented in this consultation are the output from the working group.

Why your views matter

We welcome your views on the proposed changes to CAP 482, BCAR Section S (Small Light Aeroplanes) and are keen to hear from those involved in the design and construction of small light aeroplanes.

Your responses will help ensure we have a robust certification code for small light aeroplanes that is fit for purpose and successfully integrates aeroplanes captured by the revised microlight definition.

Give us your views

Use the online form or email your comments to with 'CAP 482 consultation response' as the subject line.


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