Bringing new light aircraft between 450-600kg under national regulation

Closed 29 Nov 2019

Opened 18 Oct 2019

Feedback updated 16 Jun 2020

We asked

For comments from community on our proposals to opt-out aeroplanes, sailplanes and helicopters below 600kg further of the Article 2(8) of the EASA Basic Regulation, as outlined in our consultation document. Broadly we asked for views on (a) whether the UK should take up this opt-out; and if so (b) how we should define the opted-out aeroplanes, either as microlights or light sport aircraft.

You said

We received over 1350 responses to this consultation, one of the largest responses to a general aviation consultation in recent years. We have prepared a Consultation Response document (CAP1920) that summarises the results.

We did

Following this consultation results analysis, we have been liaising with key community stakeholders and the Department for Trainsaport about implementing this opt-out in the most efficient way given wider developments such as Brexit. CAP1920 sets out how this will be undertaken.


The CAA has the option to directly regulate a category of light aircraft of a greater weight than previously allowed by EU regulation. The proposal is for the UK to consider an ‘opt out’ from current European regulation in favour of national regulation.

Why your views matter

This consultation explores the merits of the UK adopting this provision and sets out the views of a working group which we brought together comprising of general aviation stakeholders.

Consultation document

The consultation document summarises the key provisions within the proposed regulatory changes and explores their implications from an airworthiness, flight crew licensing and operational perspective. Consultation questions are included in appendix A.

Download: Consultation: Bringing new light aircraft between 450-600kg under national regulation 


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