Statutory charges 2019/20 consultation

Closed 7 Feb 2019

Opened 22 Nov 2018

Feedback updated 15 Mar 2019

We asked

For comments from industry on the following main proposals:

  • A general price increase of 2.4% across all Schemes of Charges for 2019/20
  • Proposals for specific charges to cover our costs in three areas where we are undertaking new/extended activities, being:
  • Brexit contingency planning costs
  • Cyber Programme
  • Airspace Change Process (ACP) & Airspace Modernisation Strategy (AMS) Programme.

You said

This document includes the CAA responses to the main concerns expressed by the respondents to the 2019/20 Charges Consultation: CAA Response Document CAP1755

We did

We are grateful for those submissions received and after CAA Board discussion, we propose to implement all proposals made without further amendment.

Results updated 15 Mar 2019

We have published today under CAA UK Official Record Series 5 our revised 13 Schemes of Charges that will be legally implemented with effect from 1 April 2019. The current 13 Schemes of Charges will be effective to and including 31 March 2019.


This consultation contains the proposed amendments to the CAA Schemes of Charges within the documents shown below, which are planned to be effective as from 1 April 2019.

As a body that is directly funded by charges paid by those we regulate, we fully understand the difficulties the industry continues to face. This is one of our primary considerations when we set our charges.

Over the past eight years, the increase in our charges was only 7.9% while in the same period UK CPI inflation was 20.2%. This is because we have worked hard to reduce our operating costs over the same period.

However, we continue to face significant financial pressures, with increases in our cost base as well as the need to make crucial investment in modernising our systems. The Project Delivery (Transformation Programme) has and will continue to deliver efficiencies and better customer service. As such, we are committed to controlling the costs of making these improvements.

Given these current cost pressures, we propose that there should be an increase of 2.4% across all Charges Schemes in 2019/20, which is in line with the October 2018 CPI rate of inflation.

In addition, we are proposing specific charges to cover our costs in the three areas where we are undertaking new activities – Brexit contingency planning, cyber security, and airspace change process & airspace modernisation strategy programme. There are a number of further proposed structural changes detailed in chapter 4 of the main consultation document.

What happens next

Thank you to all those respondents who made submissions to this consultation.

We are reviewing all the submissions received and following discussion and agreement from the CAA Board will publish by 15 March 2019 on the CAA web site:

  1. the CAA Response Document to the 2019/20 Statutory Charges Consultation; and
  2.  the 13 revised Schemes of Charges.


  • General Aviation
  • Commercial airlines
  • UAV operators
  • Air taxi operators
  • Airport operators
  • Air Navigation Service Providers
  • Flightcrew
  • Air traffic control staff
  • Tour operators
  • Travel agents
  • Cargo shippers
  • Ground handling providers
  • Aerodrome Operators
  • RFFS Training Providers
  • Training organisations


  • Aircraft emissions
  • Flightpaths
  • Airspace investment
  • Economic regulation
  • Economic regulation
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Consumer protection
  • Rescue and fire fighting