Terminal Air Navigation Services (TANS) contestability in the UK: Call for evidence

Closed 8 Dec 2017

Opened 13 Nov 2017

Feedback updated 15 Feb 2018

We asked

We called for evidence to assist us assessing whether the provision of TANS in the UK is subject to market conditions, as set out under Annex I of the European Regulation No 391/2013.

You said

The responses to this document are available here. Our draft advice to the Secretary of State (see below) summarises and discusses the responses received.

We did

We prepared our draft advice to the Secretary of State for consultation. Our draft advice is that TANS provision at the airports in scope of this review is subject to market conditions. If this draft advice is confirmed after consultation, we will advise the DfT accordingly.  The DfT can then apply to the European Commission for exemption from those elements of the EC’s Implementing Regulation No 391/2013 which apply to the provision of TANS. If accepted by the EC, the UK will not be required to calculate determined costs, set financial incentives, and to set terminal unit rates for TANS for RP3.


The CAA is calling for evidence regarding the provision of terminal air navigation service (TANS) in the UK. 

Why your views matter

We are calling for evidence to assist and advise the Secretary of State for Transport on whether market conditions in the UK TANS continue to exist, as set out under Article 3 of the European Regulation No 391/2013. 

What happens next

We will prepare and consult stakeholders on our draft advice to the Secretary of State, before finalising the final advice.


  • Commercial airlines
  • Airport operators
  • Air Navigation Service Providers
  • Aerodrome Operators


  • Economic regulation