Economic regulation of Gatwick Airport Limited: consultation on proposal to extend the current commitments

Closed 28 Jul 2023

Opened 7 Jun 2023


Our economic regulation of Gatwick Airport Limited (GAL) is based on a commitments framework that is intended to be a proportionate and targeted approach to economic regulation, which encourages bilateral contracting and facilitates commercial rather than regulator-led decision making.

The current commitments were introduced in 2021 and cover the four year period to 31 March 2025. Following discussions with airlines, GAL has submitted a proposal to extend the current commitments by four years from 1 April 2025 to 31 March 2029. 

Why your views matter

To inform our review of GAL’s proposal, we are inviting views from stakeholders (including airlines and the Passenger Advisory Group) and welcome views on all the issues raised in this document:

GAL's proposal to extend Gatwick's Commitments has been published along with our consultation document:

How to respond

Please e-mail responses to 

The original closing date of 19 July has been extended to 28 July 2023.


  • Commercial airlines


  • Economic regulation