UK Cost Shared Flights

Closed 12 Jan 2022

Opened 1 Dec 2021


Cost sharing flights are flights shared by private individuals. The ‘cost-share’ element refers to the costs of the specific flight which can be shared  between the pilot and others onboard the aircraft. These costs are the ‘direct costs’ which are directly incurred in relation to a specific flight such as fuel, airfield charges, or aircraft rental fees. 

One of the problems with cost sharing flights is where pilots and passengers of Illegal Commercial Air Transport collude to present illegal flights as legal cost shared flights.

In 2021 we reviewed the cost sharing regulations. This consultation is focused on our proposals to update the regulations 

Why your views matter

We welcome your views on the proposed changes to the cost sharing regulations. Your responses will help determine our next steps.



  • General Aviation


  • Light aircraft
  • Microlights