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  • Statutory charges 2019/20 consultation

    This consultation contains the proposed amendments to the CAA Schemes of Charges within the documents shown below, which are planned to be effective as from 1 April 2019. As a body that is directly funded by charges paid by those we regulate, we fully understand the difficulties the industry... More
    Closes in 3 weeks
  • CAP 670 Air Traffic Services Safety Requirements consultation

    CAP 670 sets out the UK implementation of the Chicago Convention on International Aviation, European Regulations and specific national requirements in support of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) discretionary powers contained in the Air Navigation Order 2016. CAP 670... More
    Closes in 2 weeks
  • Flying Display Authorisation Standards Document

    This consultation concerns the proposed new publication entitled CAP1724: Display Standards Document which we are planning to publish around mid-February 2019. This new CAP will be available alongside CAP403 Flying Displays and Special Events, the aim being to ensure that... More
    Closes in 1 day
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