AMC & GM to UK Reg (EU) 748/2012 Part 21 SMS consultation

Closed 15 Apr 2024

Opened 7 Mar 2024


The UK Regulation (EU) No. 748/2012 has been amended to incorporate Safety Management Systems (SMS) in design and production organisations. This consultation document presents the proposed changes to the associated Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM).

These amendments cover the following topics:

  • The introduction of safety management principles that implement International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Annex 19; a management system for Part-21 organisations and a management system for the CAA in relation to the oversight of Part 21 organisations;
  • An organisational culture for effective safety management and effective occurrence reporting;
  • Production management and design management systems;
  • Production organisation exposition (POE)/design organisation handbook (DOH);
  • Findings, corrective action, and observations;
  • Alternative means of compliance (AltMoC);
  • Record-keeping and reporting systems.

What are AMC and GM?

AMC are means by which the requirements in the Implementing Rule and the Essential Requirements of the Basic Regulation to which it relates can be met. However, entities may show compliance by other means.

An entity may choose to offer an alternative means of compliance (AltMoC) which must be reviewed and accepted by the CAA. However, it is important to note they will lose the presumption of compliance provided by the CAA AMC, so it is essential for the organisation to demonstrate that the AltMoC meets the intent of the Implementing Rule and the Essential Requirements of the Basic Regulation.

GM is non-binding and provides explanatory and interpretation material on how to achieve the requirements in the law and the AMC. It contains information, including examples, to assist the applicant with the interpretation of the legislative provisions.

This consultation 

To support the transposition of the ICAO Annex 19 Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) in the production and design domains, and facilitate the implementation of the SMS requirements introduced by UK Regulation (EU) No 748/2012, the UK CAA is proposing to amend the AMC and GM to Part-21 (Annex I).

Why your views matter

It is important to the CAA that everyone has an opportunity to voice their opinion on matters that could affect them. There is also a legal requirement to consult when creating or amending AMC and GM, due to the legal status of these documents.

We welcome comments from every sector of the community. This includes the general public, government agencies and all sectors of the aviation industry, whether as an aviator, aviation consumer and/or provider of related products and services.

Response window extension 

To ensure we achieve the right level of compliance and guidance, we've extended the response window. 

Responses are requested by 15 April 2024.  

What happens next

Following this consultation, all comments will be reviewed, evaluated and a summary of response will be provided. Your feedback will be considered as part of the process.


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